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About Us

Bowman Lamps Lighting  exclusively sells Technical Consumer Products (TCP) light bulbs and lighting items on clearance at substantial end-lot prices.

Take advantage of ever-evolving lighting technology. What was the top of the line a few months ago is frequently replaced by newer versions. The older options remain a great choice for many consumers. Benefit from the ever-changing industry and get premium light bulbs for less.  Light your home, office, warehouse, motel, restaurant, school, farm buildings - just about anywhere you need light.  And if you have a bulb you love, stock-up now!


Bowman Lamps Lighting offers light bulbs to everyone - from a small mom-and-pop store needing one box of bulbs, to anyone looking to do an entire retrofit project.  Get 'em now while supplies last.


Items are sold in complete boxes only. For large lot orders, contact us here: or 888-299-1160. 

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